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We stock a large range of reloading components and equipment. Due the variety of products available, it is impossible to display all of them and equally impossible to have every item in stock all of the time. Where items need to be ordered, delivery from our suppliers to us takes approximately 5 days. Waiting times are longer if our suppliers are awaiting stock from overseas. Please contact us with your specific requirements and we can assist you further.

We are able to provide a mail order service for all products EXCEPT ammunition, propellant powder and primers – these must be purchased in-store and a valid firearms licence presented.

Lee Collet Rifle Die Set


For bolt action rifles, full length resizng of cases is not requred if the cases have already been fired in the rifle they will be used in again. The fired case is already a hand-in-glove fit with the rifle chamber - preserving this fit is the key to maintaining accuracy and prolonging case life. Collet sizing (also called neck sizing) only resizes the case neck to allow proper bullet seating - leaving the rest of the case alone. The Collet die also removes the spent primer from the case. Cases last longer, so the savings eventually pay for the die set. The set includes a Collet (Neck Sizing) Die, Bullet Seating Die, a shell holder, powder dipper & load data - all packed in a convenient storage box. Only reload cases that have been fired in your rifle should be neck sized - others should be full length sized prior to the first firing in your rifle. The Lee Collet Die Set is not recommended for pump action, lever action or semi-automatic rifles. PLEASE NOTE: Quoted price is for most standard calibres - some calibres may cost a few dollars more.

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Lee Collet Rifle Die Set
  • Lee Collet Rifle Die Set

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